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17th of December 2013 3

What is a good/cheap airline to use for travel to Thailand?

I live in San Diego (can fly out of LA as well), and am looking to fly to Thailand for two weeks near the end of January 2014. I have only flown internationally throughout Mexico, so I am not extremely familiar with airlines for international travel, any suggestions on where to look for the cheapest travel there and back?

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Answer by Brian
Yes, visit, which as its name suggests, lets you compare fares in several travel websites at the same time. When you find a flight and fare that you like, then check the airline’s website and see if the fare is comparable. If it is, or maybe a few bucks more, book directly with the airline rather than on a travel website such as Orbitz or Travelocity. Experience shows that if “something” happens to your reservation, your travel is better protected if booked directly with the airline. When you’re stuck at an airport counter, as we were with those horrible people at Delta Airlines in Atlanta when our reservations were abruptly cancelled without notice, the travel sites are not going to come dashing to your rescue.

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  1. William 8:05 am 17/12 of 2013

    Hi I have a website

    This is a flights search engine which will search almost all airlines in an instant and shows you the best prices available.

    Try it you will not be disappointed.

  2. Charles 8:12 am 17/12 of 2013

    I suggest using Internet searches.
    Come on, airfares change from hour to hour.
    General advice….
    -USA carriers are cattle cars with surly attendants and tiny seats.
    -Best LAX to BKK is Thai Air, Singapore, and maybe UAE. What makes them good? just reverse the qualities of USA carriers.

    -book directly with the airline, based on your research other places. Still, they may screw you.
    -Getting screwed is much easier when booking from non-carrier sources; airlines know what u do.
    -Do not depend on airline keeping your pre-booked seat selections, even if you pay extra.
    -carry a good credit card with lots of available credit, at least $ 2,000, for those inevitable emergencies and extra surprise bag fees.
    -wear all plastic clothes for pat downs and x rays.
    -bring a coat to wear in freezing cabin.
    -get on fast to get an open overhead bin.
    -order a free alternative meal because it is served first, so no hungry waiting.
    -be early to toilet near destination; dont wait to final approach.

    Coach is generally just a mm above India common buses, no kidding.

    Good luck.

  3. spanky 8:37 am 17/12 of 2013

    as noted above, plenty of places to compare fares and no set in stone advice as fares are constantly in a state of flux. That said, you will probably end up on Delta Cattle Car service if you are concerned with price – Korean is not bad and would be a step up – Thai will be expensive as will Singapore and Cathay Pacific… shop around, pull the triger when the price seems right. Enjoy your travels.


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