What is life like in thailand compared to philippines - What is life like in Thailand compared to Philippines?

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What is life like in Thailand compared to Philippines?

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I am an American living in the Philippines temporarily. I find it very hard to get used to. A lot of corruption and people are always looking for a way to get your money. Fake friendships are common. So, is Thailand any different? How is the weather compared to Philippines? I know there is current flooding but I’m sure there is higher ground.
Any information will be helpful in deciding.

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Answer by karazyal
I lived in both countries and feel safer in Thailand. I visit the P.I. once or twice a year to see friends but I am glad to return to Thailand! I have retired military friends that moved from the P.I. to Thailand. They were living in Angeles and Manila and now they are living in Pattaya.

In areas of Thailand where tourists frequent even the street lighting is better. It is not unusual to see tourists up and about at 2 a.m. on Sukhumvit Road. My last time in Manila, maybe 4 months ago, I had some guy try to rob me on Mabini. He was not successful! In a dozen years in Thailand that has never happened to me. I have had drunk tourists start “problems” but that’s it! There is crime in Thailand but I still think Thailand is safer than the P.I.

You will see some corruption in Thailand. But (my opinion) you will also see better roads, better health facilities, an over all cleaner look to streets and sidewalks – even with corruption some of the money is going to infrastructure. Local transportation is excellent, there is a clean and modern rail service in the city – even leaving from the airport is better organized than what you get in Manila. Thailand does tourism pretty good!

Visit Thailand and decide. Talk to expats in Bangkok and Pattaya. (Pattaya is something like Angeles City only cheaper, cleaner and bigger with a beach!) Only around $ 350 from MNL to BKK using PAL. PAL has better arrival – departure times. Cheaper airlines between the two capitals available.

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  1. Wanvipa 8:25 am 22/12 of 2012

    Corruption? is same. The 2 countries are different about religion. you can look this website about eastern asia countries info:


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