What is the best fasting retreat in Thailand?

14th of December 2012 2

What is the best fasting retreat in Thailand?

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I’m planning a holiday in Thailand. I would like to go to a fasting retreat to detox for 14 days, where it is relaxing and on a beautiful beach. I want to lose weight as well as get rid of stress and anxiety. Could you recommend a great retreat?

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Answer by Gurkin
Go to the pineapple under the Sea.
That’s where you’ll meet Patrick.
He’ll show you to Bangladesh where now you’ll go about by yourself.
Travel to a mansion a few roads down Bangladesh
Go into that mansion
Play Hide and go seek with random kids.
Hide in a random closet
Now you’ll be traveling to Narnia
Meet Uni the RainbowCorn and ask her for a ride to Thailand.
It’s a hard journey but you’ll get there

Good Luck

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  1. karazyal 8:06 am 14/12 of 2012

    A daily colonic will help you lose weight, also lose money in the process too. Probably more exercise and less intake will work just as well and cheaper too!

    Phuket is popular with women who want to relieve stress.

  2. Rat@Ratchaburi 8:36 am 14/12 of 2012

    The Sanctuary Resort & Spa, located on Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand near Koh Samui. Here you go

    These places don’t come cheap. I know of no rating system for these centers you can google them just like I can.


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