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16th of September 2013 3

What is the best Pattaya nightly condo rental company?

I will be booking a Pattaya holiday soon and would like to know the best Pattaya nightly condo rental company to use.

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Answer by Tim
For Pattaya and Jomtien Thailand try dancewatchers Pattaya nightly condo rentals. They offer a lot more than a hotel and for a lot less. Nightly Pattaya condo rentals at View Talay 6 in Pattaya or Jomtien at View Talay 2A. Ask for Tik

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  1. dani 11:50 am 16/09 of 2013

    you mean a hotel for the night?
    or a condominium with kitchen and rooms?
    there are really so many in Pattaya i suggest you look at agoda

  2. karazyal 11:50 am 16/09 of 2013

    How long will you be in Pattaya? If you really mean a condo and not just a hotel keep in mind that many condos will be on the outskirts of Pattaya City. Most of the condos are for long term residents not just a few nights at a time. But there are some serviced apartments you can book for short stays if you really need a kitchen area. Basic hotel, off season, that has air conditioning, private toilet, TV and maid service starts around 500 baht.

    If you mean a hotel (or serviced apartment) choose one not too far from Pattaya Sai Song so you can walk to many things like malls, restaurants, nightlife and make use of cheap 10 baht transportation.
    Map of Pattaya City.

    Good luck.

    Additional tourist help on this forum.

  3. gbdelta1954 11:52 am 16/09 of 2013

    when you say nightly, just one night?

    There is no centralized booking service for condos. Nor is there one large real estate office in Pattaya nor Thailand. And this is true for apartments and real estate sales in general.

    There are a number of discount online hotel and serviced apartment services for Thailand. , and Also etc.

    If you like the View Talay condos which I hear are not that great. You can try their sales office, I am sure it doubles as a rental office.

    For a Pattaya holiday, I would try the hotel discounters. I would stay away from Condos since they sometimes have thin walls and not maintained. A serviced apartment would almost be the same as a condo.

    Good luck


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