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19th of November 2013 3

What is the best way to spend a month in Thailand?

I’m going to Thailand for the entire month of June this summer. I have a decent idea of what I want to do but could use a few suggestions. My only condition is that I have to be in Phuket by June 26. Here is my plan.

Bangkok for 3 days—>Siem Riep, Cambodia for 2 days—>Back to Bangkok—> to Chaing Mai to spend 4 or 5 days—>Then down south to Surat Thani and over to Ko Samui/Ko Phangan/Ko Toa for 6 days or so—-> Phuket area for a few days—> to Bangkok to head home.

I’m trying to take travel time into consideration as well. I figure a day to Siem Riep and a day back to Bangkok. A night train to Chaing Mai and a night train back. A day or so to get from Bangkok to Ko Samui. A little less than a day from Ko Samui to Phuket.

I’d like to keep my budget around $ 1500 and was planning on using trains for my primary transit between locations. Is this a good plan?

Any suggestions on seeing things I might be missing with this trip?

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Answer by Ozymandias
..its kinda good but i’d suggest a little more money..and you’ll need at least a day’s rest to recover from the train trip due to the rattle..i’d take air con buses and listen to my headphones or txt…or take a few sleeping pills.

Koh Samui is pretty and fun indeed.

enjoy :)

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  1. Rat@Ratchaburi 7:56 am 19/11 of 2013

    Recommend you consider spending 3 days at Siem Riep, and then to Chiang Mai. From Chiang Mai you can get a direct flight to Phuket. From Phuket boat it to Phi Phi Island for a night or two, then on to Krabi for 2 days, then van or bus to Surat Thani. Ferry to Koh Samui, then take the ferry from to Chumphon, and bus or train back to Bangkok.

    You should also try to increase the budget to $ 2,000 you would have a better time.

    That is correct if you leave Thailand and then return at a border crossing you will only get 15 days and 30 days if you enter Thailand by air. You need to plan the trip to Siem Riep maybe near the end of your stay. Unless you have a double entry tourist visa from the Thai consulate in your home country.

  2. Paul 8:37 am 19/11 of 2013

    I think you have a sound plan. My advice is just to take care. Thailand is a fantastic country but as in all countries there are things you need to watch out for.

    There are a few scams going on with bus companies, ie stealing the contents of your luggage, so try to keep your bags in sight or leave no valuables in them.

    Take care with mini bus transportation, a few drivers think their on a racetrack, far too many fatal accidents going on at the moment.

    Have a great trip, you’ll love it!

  3. GulfportBob 9:01 am 19/11 of 2013

    Do not know how you are going to Siem Riep and returning. But when you land (provided you are going to arrive by air, you will get a 30 day entry.
    If you go to Siem Riep and return by land you will only get a 14 day entry.
    If you bought a single entry visa, you will have canceled it when you left. If you bought a multiple entry visa you will be okay, because the next 60 days or so will kick in, no matter what means of transport you use to return to Thailand.
    Solution might be to put the Cambodian trip closer to the end of your trip. Will not add costs, but will add time to your stay. Otherwise, you may have to leave the country and mess up your times in the south.


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