What’s cheaper, booking flights on line or using a travel agency?

15th of May 2013 4

What’s cheaper, booking flights on line or using a travel agency?

I saved around $ 200 on a RT ticket to Thailand thru an agency. Was this luckly or par for the course?

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Answer by bambi
On line is usually much less expensive. Remember that the agency is getting a percentage, they do not do it for free!

You probably could have saved even more by doing a little bit of research on your own

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  1. Sparky 7:47 am 15/05 of 2013

    i find if it is interstate travel then it is cheaper to book on-line. But if travelling overseas then going through a travel agent is cheaper. It also depends on the travel agent. We went and saw three travel agents about our holiday overseas…and were quoted three different prices!! It was amazing the difference in price and most of the time the itinerary they came up with was the same!!

  2. Tasma P 8:24 am 15/05 of 2013

    its best to check both. neither are consistantly the cheaper

  3. Catia M 9:16 am 15/05 of 2013

    Jerry, every time i go to Brazil, i never find good prices on line. I prefer to go to a particular agency where they have promotional fares depending on the season, for that country. Also, if you are traveling abroad, it’s always a good idea to go to a community where they specialize on that country or region. But, everywhere else I’ve been, i got better deals on line. I have this site on my favorites that i consult anytime i want to go somewhere, specially the islands. Good luck on your research and good travels

  4. Adam 10:08 am 15/05 of 2013

    Travel agents are cheaper. Hands down.


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