What’s going on with flights to Bangkok, Thailand today?

7th of May 2011 5

What’s going on with flights to Bangkok, Thailand today?

We Aussies are flying to Bangkok tomorrow, and need to know whether flights will be canceled? Best answer:

Answer asdkjfi
Check the airline website.

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  1. ? 4:34 pm 7/05 of 2011

    What airline are you flying with?

  2. skellyatsogang 5:21 pm 7/05 of 2011

    Call the airlines. Check the Australian Embassy website for Thailand.

  3. Gerald J 6:13 pm 7/05 of 2011

    So far there hasn’t been any protests or word of any international flight cancellations at Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK), the Phuket and Krabi Airports have basically been shut down because of protests as well as some trains. Every day brings new developments with the ongoing political situation here, check with your airline and you can also keep up with the latest news on The Nation and Bangkok Post websites:

  4. ? 6:48 pm 7/05 of 2011

    You’ll need to keep checking the news for what’s going on. The PAD demonstrators have taken over at least a couple of regional airports, including Phuket, but Bangkok’s airport is unaffected so far.

    According to the theage.com.au there are thousands of Aussies stranded in Phuket.

    There are also several ongoing demonstrations in Bangkok and threats that they’re going to turn off a major power station next. I was in Bangkok yesterday and kept well away from the troubled areas, and everything was business as usual. My guess is that it’s *probably* safe enough but there are NO guarantees, and it’s difficult to predict what might happen next.

    Keep an eye on the latest news before making any decisions. Try Google>news> and then type Thailand into the search box.

    See also the Australian Embassy’s advice for Australians travelling in Thailand.

    Mind you, it’s part of their job to advise you to be cautious. You’ll have to take your own chances – or not.

    As for whether your flights are cancelled – you’ll need to check with your airline for that information.

  5. IntlCop 6:52 pm 7/05 of 2011

    International Flight TO/FROM Bangkok will not be effected

    Only some Domestic Flights between Bangkok and Phuket/Hadyai/Krabi will cancel for 2-3 days


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