Where in Thailand should I rent a place for 4 months, and how much?

16th of March 2013 3

Where in Thailand should I rent a place for 4 months, and how much?

I want to rent fairly comfortable place in Thailand for 4 months. Want to be able to use internet regularly, hang out with people, and of course meet lovely Thai ladies.
Will 4k in cash last me 4 months there?

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Answer by Khun Larry
$ 4k will be tight but ok, Pattaya rent $ 200 / month

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  1. teejay 7:47 am 16/03 of 2013

    if u want to stay in pattaya u can rent a room for 1000b 1 month about 20 quid internet cafes everywhere cheap 4k ok if u dont go mad good luck

  2. decca67 8:18 am 16/03 of 2013

    4K, which currency? If £ then ok, if $ then it will be tight.

    if dollars then 34,000 baht a month

    I’m in Chiang mai, rent costs 5000 baht, nice room, cable, internet etc. Could get similar for about 3500 baht further out of town.

    Now food, local is dirt cheap, but western not so, probably add 10,000 a month (with the odd beer, coke etc with the meals).

    So we are up to 15,000 baht.
    Now you’ll probably want to go on trips and sightseeing etc, say another 2,000 a week, plus travelling around say 500 a week for tuk tuk coach etc

    now you are up to 25,000; this leaves you 9000 for your nightlife, guess that you’ll get a few nights out, but be prepared to spend a fair few nights in reading books.

  3. michael b 8:57 am 16/03 of 2013

    If you are careful you can do it but you will have to give up any luxuries and live like Thais.


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