- where is a better place to study for travel tourism hospitality degree?

23rd of May 2013 1

where is a better place to study for travel tourism hospitality degree?

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uk is too expensive, so are there any other places that is a good place to study for travel tourism hospitality degree, recognized?

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Answer by A R
Switzerland is among the best- if not the best.

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  1. robert s 8:38 am 23/05 of 2013

    Dear Travel,

    If expense is the problem, you would probably be better off living at home (in the UK), apply to a local school, and check with the school administration for a low interest loan/grant/or even better a relationship with an established company. With the company as your sponsor, the company would give you financial assistance for your schooling in exchange for your services as an employee (paid) after your graduation.

    To go elsewhere, the living expense would be stiffling financially. But as an alternative, and based on the the power of the pound, go to Thailand – excellent schools, and very inexpensive living expense.

    Good luck, and let us know your decision,

    Sarasota, Florida


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