“You end up dead or you’re going to prison ‘

25th of October 2012 0

“You end up dead or you’re going to prison ‘

Bang Kwang Central Prison â € ~ You'll end up dead or you're going to jail Ina € ™ At 18 he learned to read and write, on his 26th he was put in prison and was sentenced to death and now, on his 38th, he has his bachelorâ € ™ s degree rights achieved, studying agricultural management and has written a book about his experiences as a drug dealer on â € ~ Death Rowa € ™ in the infamous Bang Khwang prison in Bangkok.

â € ~ I want my readers, especially the young generation, know that you are in a vicious circle when you’re dealing with drugs. You’ll end up dead or you’re going to jail, like me. Eventually you lose everything. And it’s not waardâ € ™ says Pummarin Pamorntrachukul (pseudonym of Laojang, his surname he will not say).

Laojang grew up in a village in the north of Thailand amidst lush poppy fields. He belongs to the Lisor mountain people, could not go to school, but had to help his father. As a teenager, he became involved in the drug world. He started as a runner and and climbed into the gang of drug lord Khun Sa in a major drug dealer.

The day he was sentenced to death, he remembers very well. â € ~ Everything went black before my eyes when the judge gave me the death penalty. My mother sat in the courtroom. She had a plastic bag with new clothes for me with him, and waited until she could take me home. But that did not happen. I thought an end to my life gekomen.â € ™

prison Laojang not quiet. He read everything and stuck, especially biographies «n of inspiring personalities like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, and studied law at the Open University. The writer fire was awakened during a workshop that ended with the assignment to write a short story. The teacher encouraged him to expand it into a book and so did Kamsarapap Sudtai Khao Hong Kon Prahan (The Last Confession Before The Execution Chamber) light.

Laojangâ € ™ s death sentence was commuted to life last year and early this year in 20 years. 8 more years to go. In it he wants except agriculture degree three degrees retrieve, so that when the port of Bangkok Hilton closes behind him, he can handle the world.

(Source: Bangkok Post, 23 October 2012)

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